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"The Land of Many Possibilities and Opportunities"

Bangladesh, a country size of 56000 square miles, situated in the northeastern corner of the Indian subcontinent and bordered by India and Burma, could be easily overlooked. In reality, Bangladesh is a moderate, secular, and democratic country with a population of 160 million, making it the seventh most populous country in the world (larger than Russia). Bangladesh is a big potential market for foreign companies to take part in development.


Bangladesh will soon attain lower-middle income status of over $1,036 GDP per capita, thanks to consistent annual GDP average growth of six percent since the 1990s. Much of this growth continues to be driven by the $20 billion garment industry, second only to China, and continued remittance inflows, topping $16 billion in 2013. In 2012, Bangladesh's GDP reached $123 billion, complemented by sound fiscal policy and low inflation, which measured less than 10 percent in 2012.

Development Goals

  • Ensuring adequate supply of electricity and fuel
  • Making available adequate infrastructure
  • Developing a sustainable communication network all around the country
  • Ensuring public security through modernize Police department and other subsidiaries
  • Ensuring healthcare and family welfare for all
  • Market Forecast

    As a developing country with a vast population of 160 million, Bangladesh offers promising opportunities for foreign companies to tie up in development causes. The government take their goal for development called "Vision 2021" which is to achieve various developments by the year 2021. The main development areas are Power, Education, IT, Infrastructure Development, Security and Healthcare sectors.


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